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How to Remove a Car Dent Yourself

If your car has a dent, you likely want it out of the car as soon as possible. Those dents and ding depreciate the value of the car and its appearance. No drier wants a car that is ugly to drive! You can call a professional to remove the dents from the car. They have the tools and skills to get out just about any dent. But, it comes at a cost. Before you make the call, try your hand at one of these auto dent removal lakewood co techniques. Perhaps removing the dent yourself is possible, saving you time and money.

Bathroom Plunger

Plungers are great for those relentless bathroom clogs, but did you know they come in handy when it is time to remove a dent too? It doesn’t work for every car, but it doesn’t cost a thing to try it out. Just wet the plunger and splash some water on the dented area on the vehicle. Plunge until the dent pops out. This can resolve many small, minor dents and dings from the vehicle.

Hair Dryer & Compressed Air

auto dent removal lakewood co

Another method to remove dents and dings from the car involves a hair dryer and compressed air.  This dent removal technique involves using a hair dryer on the highest setting to expand the plastic, then using compressed air to spray the area to cause the dent to pop out. Compressed air is sold in cans and available for purchase from area auto repair centers.

Perhaps you aren’t a professional auto repair technicians but there are still tricks that can help you remove the dent from your car.  Whether it is one dent or several, you certainly may be able to remove them yourself. Use the tips above to get out that ding from the car and drive smoothly once again.