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Signs of Transmission Failure

Without a properly working transmission inside your vehicle, getting where you need to go does not happen easily. The transmission, along with the engine, is one of the most important components inside the car. This component provides the ‘electrical pull’ needed to start the car. Although the transmission is built tough, there are problems that can affect its performance. You should know how to identify the signs of transmission failure and contact a mechanic north vancouver at the first signs of trouble. What are the signs that your car has sustained transmission failure?

Warning Lights

If the warning light on your dashboard shows the transmission lit up, then you need to call a technician. This is a part of the computer system in the vehicle that helps you recognize trouble before major breakdown occurs. These sensors in the vehicle pick up on signs of early problems that you may not notice. Pay attention to this light if it comes on!

Fluid Leaks

Leaking transmission fluid is the most common sign of component failure. It is necessary to schedule service with the pros if you notice fluid is coming out of your vehicle. Even if you notice only a small amount of fluid, you should take action because it will likely turn into a bigger, more expensive problem otherwise. Leaks can be caused by any number of problems, from worn gaskets and seals to disconnect cooler lines or a drive shaft that is out of balance.

mechanic north vancouver

Bad Odors

Transmission fluid may have a slightly sweet odor to it, but should otherwise be free from odor. So, when you notice an odor, such as a burning smell, you should assume that there is trouble that you need to address. The problems that your transmission endures can go from bad to worse quickly, so don’t hesitate to make that appointment for service if you notice odors.