Steps To Prevent Your Shoes Squeaking

Undoubtedly, it is embarrassing for you when you wear a squeaky shoe. When it increases, it may grind your nerves. If you are in such situation, you have come to right place as this article will offer you some valuable tips on how to get rid of squeaky shoes. Before getting some permanent solution try some handy hints that are listed below: Spread some baby powder in the insole area It is better to use socks if you are not wearing one right now. If your shoes are made in leather, pour few drops of oil that can offer immediate relief. If your shoes are wet, allow them to dry before using them again.

Other quick fix methods

Make the tongue smooth: More often shoes squeak since the tongue rubs against the inside portion of the shoe. By smoothening the tongue by using sandpaper will offer the desired results for you. Otherwise, you also apply the athletic tape at the edges of the tongue.

Use a paper towel: If you are not getting the baby powder, still you have the option of using a paper towel. Stick the commonly available paper towel in between the insole and sole of both the shoes. The towel can be folded according to the thickness that is needed. To implement this idea, you need to remove the insole place and fix the paper towel or any dry sheet into the bottom of the shoes and then place the insole.

Here you need to remember one fact. If air can get into the shoe and create squeaks, then it is possible for the water also to fill the place. This situation is dangerous as water when stayed for a long time can create bad odor as well. More importantly, you need to analyze the issue and accordingly act by using your common sense. With this, you are sure to get away from the hassle of squeaking shoes.