Best Types Of Chairs

Chairs are not just for seating but add significant value to the way space looks. It adds more style and color to the space it is placed. A variety of chairs are available and all the different types of chairs are found in the market which fits into any kind of space. a leading lifestyle portal states that with so many types of chairs available people are spoilt for choice and are unable to make a decision.

If you are looking for a chair and wondering about the best types of chairs available, read on.

Wing Chair: It is a club chair with wings. Even though this kind of chair was available from the 80s, designers have given a contemporary look by reinterpreting it. It has a long back and winged sides. The side wings were built to protect from heat emanating from the fireplaces. But with no such protection needed now, it is a comfortable chair for reading or a quick power nap as you can rest your head on the long back of the chair.

Chair and a half: As the name itself suggests the width of the chair is one and a half of a chair. This useful piece of furniture is smaller than a loveseat and larger than a chair. It is an ideal furniture for your lounge room. Its versatility makes it suitable for small living rooms or bedrooms. There are lots of styles available in the market with various options for cushions, back, and seat.

Club Chair: This chair was found in the 19th century but has been redefined by designers. It is a large armchair and is upholstered. This chair comes in either leather upholstery or fabrics and has a low back. It has deep seats which make it a perfect chair for reading and snoozing.

Occasional Chair: As the name suggests, this chair is for occasional use. It is an extra chair for the guests. It has more decorative value and accentuates your room with its design. It is a wooden chair with fabric and has no arms

Slipper Chair: Upholstered chair with no arms and short legs. The distinguishing factor of this chair is its low height and hence a useful chair for people who are short.

Bergere chairs: It has a wooden frame with back and seat upholstered with loose seat cushion. These chairs can be used in different locations, be it the living room or a bedroom.

Chaise Lounge Chair: This kind of chair is a long chair where you can stretch your legs and relax. The half reclining angle at the back makes it a great furniture for outdoor.

Klismos Chairs: This chair was first used by Greeks and has been a lovely piece of furniture for many years. That has redesigned time and again to give a more contemporary look. Klismos chairs are a versatile piece of furniture which can be used both in interiors as well as exteriors. They come in various type of materials like wood, metal, leather, etc.